Adrian Peterson Child Support Resized

Adrian Peterson’s ex wants him to pay CHILD SUPPORT for a child she never had!!

Is this what the world is coming to?

I’m not sure who is more worthy of a reality slap, Peterson or the woman in question!
Seriously, child support for a child you never had…. this is happening?!?!

Adrian Peterson’s alleged baby’s mother, a massage therapist, suffered a miscarriage. We’re sorry that she had to go through that . . . but her lawyers aren’t!

The woman — who used to be Adrian’s massage therapist — sued the NFL star for roughly $2 MILLION to cover 18 years of child support, education, medical expenses, etc. Now that the baby is GONE . .. she still wants her money.

The woman says that she saved the “fetal tissue” and wants to get a DNA test because she still wants Peterson to foot the bill for things like medical expenses involved with the pregnancy and the miscarriage. She also wants to be paid for the “pain and suffering” she’s experienced. Meaning she still wants the $2 million.

Hopefully she’ll come to her senses once the trauma of the loss wears off . .

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