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Azaelia Banks – Bitter Or Bang On?

So Azaelia Banks is making news again for her smack talking over le Twitter.

Today her Targets are Beyonce who she claims has bleached her skin, Nicki Minaj who has a fake ass and Miley Cyrus who she calls an all around embarrasment.

Now, Miz Banks of recent years has gained more noteriety for her vulgar rants than for her actual music, which leads to the question “Is she just bitter?”

Jury is still out on this one because lez-bi-hoenest her music was not exactly “conscious” itself for her to be holding the musical high horse here “I guess that c*nt getting eaten x5” hmm, okayy

But hey, that’s not enough to judge her entirely and as a well rounded human, we are all multi faceted in our ideals and really, its not about the messenger, it’s about the message.

So what is Azaelia’s message?

Well, she’s not too happy with the industry as it stands, she feels that Black people (Especially the darker skinned) are marginalised and not given the same oppertunity that is afforded to those who subscribe more to the European standards of beauty.

There’s no secret that Banks is highly opinionated but is she a troll? Or just a passionate individual who calls it how she sees whilst pulling no punches?

Azaelia strikes me as a young Black woman going through what I call, “The Wake Up”.

There is a certain ‘Awakening’ that many of us go through when we reach a certain age and look at the world for what it is, when we discover that our music, culture and practices has been getting stolen or “Apropriated” for as far back as you can remember.

This realisation brings with it frustration; in Bank’s case it was having the likes of Iggy Azalea steal her shine on the cusp of staredom with a watered down amalgamation of both her sound and Nicki Minaj’s, Its having to see White artists such as Maclemore and Iggy win Best Album when J Cole sits in the audince after having released a masterpiece which he wrote, produced and released without any features.
It’s knowing that being a darker skinned female means that less doors are open for you, until you bleach or have surgery to look moreeeeee….”European”

I feel Banks is a strong, powerful woman with a deep and soulful side to her being, however her youtfulness (and lack of fucks given) means that she will likely block her self from the industry before she has reached her full potential, but hey, that’s often the price of artistic integrity

If Banks is able to find a balance between delivering knowledge/keeping it 100 and articulating her thoughts without personal vulgar attacks she will be quite a force for her generation.

Check out a deeper side of ms Banks;